Important Factors to Consider While Choosing Forklift for Rent

A forklift rental provides convenience for companies not looking to buy a new or used forklift outright. Whether it’s to supplement a fleet during a busy time or complete a particular job, renting a forklift can be more practical and cost efficient for your business.

Choosing Forklift for Rent

Choosing Forklift for Rent

When scoping out the inventory at prospective equipment rental companies, keep in mind these 6 factors for finding the best, most budget-friendly forklift for rent for your company:

1. Weight Capacity

What is the maximum load that your forklift will be carrying? Additionally, will there be any irregular packages or storage areas (directly on the ground, on pallets, etc.) that may alter the forklift’s capabilities?

2. Lift height

The higher you lift your forklift the less weight it can safely support. Measure the maximum reach your job will require especially in warehouses and other distribution centers. Lifting a forklift rental beyond specified heights can breech your rental agreement and be hazardous for the equipment, materials and all workers.

3. Length of job/Budget

While forklift rentals are cheaper than purchasing equipment, the price can still add up over time. Depending on the length of your contract, you may receive a lower rate for longer projects. While repair and maintenance costs may be factored into your fees, other costs like fuel or energy are extra expenses to consider.

4. Work conditions

Is your job indoors or outdoors? Will you be navigating rugged terrain on a construction site, slightly smoother lumber yards, or slick indoor floors? Different job sites and weather conditions require various tires to complete the job quickly and efficiently. Additionally, consider the turning radius according to your aisle widths.

5. Condition of available forklifts for rent

Start making your final decisions based on the condition of available rentals. Is it well-maintained and running smoothly or is there damage from previous use? How many hours are on the equipment and are there any features you prefer like AC, cabs, back-up cameras or radios? Reliable equipment reduces the need for costly repairs and work delays.

6. Perks of potential equipment rental companies

All rental companies will offer you a functioning forklift for rent, but not all companies will include delivery or maintenance within your package. How quickly will the company provide repairs and solutions in the case of emergency? Typically, a company will insure the forklift, but you will be responsible for your own employees and other mishaps. Read your rental agreement thoroughly to make certain it has everything you need.

Not every job will require a forklift, so renting may be best for your temporary needs. Some equipment rental companies will allow you to lease your equipment or buy it eventually and apply the rental payments to your overall cost. Large Lift Trucks, Inc. carries a variety of forklift rentals with a number of features to best meet your long term and short term requirements.