Guide to Renting OR Buying Large Forklifts and Heavy Equipment

What Criteria Should Be Used to Determine Whether to Buy or Rent Large Equipment?

  1. The first thing is to examine the financial status of their warehouse.  Weigh all current costs and prepare a budget
  2. Determine the frequency and the length of each project
  3. Review all facets of renting the equipment
  4. Review all aspects of buying the equipment
  5. Compare step 2 to step 3
  6. Do an honest evaluation to come up with the best solution for the business
forklift rental Houston

forklift rental Houston

What Are Some Pros of Renting Large Equipment?

It can be easier for the company to conserve capital and manage any risk associated with the inherent expenses.  Utilizing a service of forklift rental gives the business easy access to a vast range of equipment. There is no need to take up space or spend money on equipment that is not used very often.  Using large equipment rental companies saves a wealth of money by a business not needing on-site storage capabilities. All maintenance of the equipment is handled by somebody other than their company.

Some Benefits of Buying Heavy Equipment

If a company knows for sure they will need a particular piece of equipment a lot, buying it is cheaper in the long run.  They can consider this a business investment from which they will get a return for every dollar spent.  There are also many potential tax advantages to purchasing equipment for a business.  Another great aspect of purchasing large items is that the machinery will always be available when it is needed.  That business will never have to hear the words “sorry but that piece of equipment is out right now.”

Questions Every Warehouse Owner Should Ask of an Equipment Company

Let’s say a warehouse owner wants to inquire about using forklift rental Houston, these are some questions to ask of them. 

  1. How many forklift machines are available at any one time?
  2. What are the fees for forklift rental?
  3. What kind of billing policies do they have?
  4. What are their hours for pickup and delivery?
  5. Do they provide training on how to operate the machines?
  6. Any and all questions related to maintenance and repairs

Where Should They Go for Lift Equipment Rental or Purchasing?

Industry experts agree that forklifts are THE MOST important piece of heavy machinery that their companies should acquire.  Every entrepreneur who is considering owning any type of warehouse ought to look into this.  Where should they go and what should they do?  Today most everything is found via an Internet search.  Inquire with them as to a used forklift for sale and prepare to speak to warehouse machinery experts, then make it a point to visit each heavy equipment merchant in person.  This is too important to do everything online, a personal visit is necessary.  They must make a list of questions and pointers to ask them using this article as a guide.  If they do that, they will not go wrong.