Should You Buy a Forklift or Rent a Forklift Houston? 5 Things You Need to Consider

Texas currently grapples with a 20-year skill gap in the populace’s ability to operate heavy machinery in the construction and other sectors of the economy. Yet forklifts and various other handling equipment significantly reduce the labor costs in any project. For those who know the value of using heavy machinery, bridging this gap in the access and handling of forklift is a matter of great importance.

Are you looking to make full use of forklifts in the future? Once you have the right people with the skills to handle the machinery, the next question should be on whether to rent a forklift in Houston or to buy one. 

Here are five things worth considering before making a final decision.  

1. The Cost Implication When Buying Versus Renting a Forklift 

Buying a brand new forklift will set you back a couple of thousand dollars. The cost impact when purchasing a forklift should, therefore, be at the back of your mind. You need to weigh the trade-offs between buying and renting to ensure that you get the best out of the situation.  

As a business, you want to maximize returns while reducing costs. If you’re confused about whether to rent or buy a forklift, you need to do a quick cost-benefit analysis. Is the cost of purchasing a forklift currently worth incurring?

Forklifts are capital intensive, meaning that you may end up spending a substantial amount of cash on the purchase. But as a company, such resources may be channeled to other more urgent and rewarding alternatives. Based on a cost-benefit analysis, it may be more cost-effective to rent a forklift. 

The view considers the fact that such a highly capital intensive undertaking can weaken the business’ financial position. You still need to remain liquid and have considerable savings to keep the business going. Renting a forklift would be the other more probable option to consider based on the cost-benefit analysis.  

2. Consider Maintenance and Repair Costs of Forklifts

Heavy machinery will often be susceptible to wear and tear. If you opt to buy a forklift, you also accept the responsibility of having to incur maintenance costs regularly. You also need to set aside the recurrent expenses of replacing wear parts recurrently.  

Such costs are unavoidable when you are the sole owner of the forklift. You need to weigh your options and consider these dynamics before deciding between renting and buying.

A rented forklift is easy on your pocket. You don’t have to incur additional costs on maintenance when using a rented forklift. The forklift remains in your possession for as long as you need it. This means that you don’t have to incur the cumulative cost of maintaining the forklift even when it’s not in use.  

You need to pay attention to such recurrent costs of running machinery. This will give you a clear mindset on whether to buy or lease your forklift. 

3. Consider Variety as a Reason to Rent a Forklift 

Whether you need a forklift for construction or for merely handling goods, you need to consider variety. Depending on your exact objective, there are times you’ll need to consider forklifts with different specs. 

A key consideration you must make relates to the size and the shape of the objects the forklift is scheduled to handle. Once you consider these factors, you can then weigh between buying and renting a forklift. Purchasing a forklift means that you can only access a single variety of machinery based on your financial capacity.

But when you opt for the renting option, you can enjoy a variety of options. You only need to walk into a yard and pick the forklift that best suits your needs. When going for the renting option, you have the leeway to consider various dealers until you find what fits your needs.  

 Opting for the leasing option ensures that you have the luxury to hire and utilize different types of forklifts over a short period. Ordinarily, buying all these pieces of machinery would be a tall order considering the underlying financial constraints.   If you are keen on utilizing a variety of forklifts, then you can opt to rent.

4. Advantage of Using the Most Current Forklift Technology

Considering the high cost of purchasing a forklift, companies only acquire new machinery in between extended financial periods. This means that between the time you buy one forklift and the next time you make provision for such machinery, you’re likely to miss out on the developments in the technology.

Buying a piece of new machinery is hard for many businesses. In the end, when purchasing, you may end up settling for an older version of a forklift, meaning that you don’t end up enjoying as much in terms of modern innovations. With such constraints, you might never get to appreciate the benefits of having a top of the range forklift.

But when renting, you have the option of exploring various forklifts based on the underlying technologies and innovations. You have the liberty of walking into a yard to compare the different available types of machinery. This option gives you the luxury of choosing from a variety of up-to-date equipment, something that is uncommon when going for the acquisition option.

5. Cost and Logistics Involved with Forklifts

When operating machinery and forklifts across multiple locations, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the need to move such machinery.  When you own such machinery, you have to bear the burden of moving them to the expected locations, which is costly and demands exceptional logistical aptitude.  

Such limitations may be a constant cause of delays in the progression of the projects. But when the forklift is on hire, you don’t need to worry about the need for movement. The machinery always finds you where you are, which eases the logistical and cost-related burden. The rental company picks and delivers the forklifts.

You Decision to Either Rent or Buy a Forklift Depends on More Than Meets the Eye

When dealing with heavy machinery, deciding to buy or rent may depend on many varying factors. If you’re looking to rent a forklift, you may have numerous advantages to derive from when compared to buying. Before you settle for what best fits your needs, please consider each of these factors and how they affect your business.

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