Tips to Consider While Buying Used Forklift

When you are looking to make a large equipment purchase for your company, you should consider used equipment. This is a great way for you to acquire the equipment you need at an affordable price. When looking for equipment, especially used forklifts for sale, you should be mindful of potential problem areas. Not every forklift for sale is one that you should consider for purchase.

Tips to Buying Used Forklift

Tips to Buying Used Forklift

Be sure to inspect the forklift. While there are benefits to viewing a used forklift online, you should look at it in person for any rust, damage, or indications of a hidden problem. These indicators include cracks, repair welding, or fluid leaks.

You want to make sure you are able to test drive the forklift. Forklifts are complex equipment and ruled by legislation to ensure they work properly. Do not purchase a used forklift without making sure it is fully functioning. When you test drive it, make sure all the features work properly. When you test drive it, make sure you start with a cold engine. When the engine is warm, some problems may not be evident. After you test drive it, check the floor for any fluids leaking. You should pay attention to the exhaust fumes color.

Check out the warranty information. You really want to understand what type of warranty is on the forklift, what it covers and how long you are covered. You want to make sure you know what is not covered by the warranty. You also should contact the company to make sure the warranty can be transferred to a new owner.

You want to make sure you check the rating plate. This tells you how much the forklift can lift safely. As a result, it is important to the safety of your workplace environment.

Take a good look at the clock readings. You can determine how many operating hours the forklift has had by the clock. One hour one the clock is the equivalent to 30 miles in a car. When a forklift has 3000 hours, that is about the same as 100,000 miles on a car. The clock on a forklift can be tampered with, so you should check the hours and the history of service to get a clear picture of how much the forklift has been used.

When looking at used forklifts for sale, you should make sure it is not a fake import. There is a black market, of sorts, for equipment and you should avoid them. They are hard to sell and difficult to replace parts. If there is an accident, your insurance may not cover them or the damage. To be sure it is not an imposter, make sure it has the CE mark and CE certificate. Make sure it has a Certificate of Thorough Examination to prove that it complies with LOLER and PUWER regulations. Once you purchase a used forklift for sale, it becomes your legal responsibility to make sure it has a Certificate of Thorough Examination.

You also want to make sure the forklift you are buying meets your needs. You should understand the loads you are handling and that you are considering the right lift for the job.