What to Look for When Purchasing a Terminal Tractor

Are you buying your first terminal tractor? Make sure you get the right equipment for your land. Start with our complete terminal tractor buyer’s guide.

You can keep up with a sudden surge in workload by purchasing a terminal tractor. However, you must choose the right one.

In recent years, the container shipping field has struggled to turn a profit. Not much has changed in the container industry over the years. However, this is exactly where shipping companies have an opportunity to improve.

For many operators, budgets are tight. Recently, however, heavy equipment rental has surged significantly.

Some equipment is more popular than others. However, many terminal operators are accessing valuable equipment by renting.

If you’re looking for tractors for sale in Houston, you’re on the right path. A terminal tractor can help you improve the efficiency of your operation.

To learn what to look for when purchasing or renting a terminal tractor, read on.

Is It Time for a Terminal Tractor?

You may have several reasons to buy or rent a terminal tractor. As an example, you most likely have an increased delivery schedule. Alternatively, you may have expanded your facility.

You may have heard a terminal tractor called a spotter or yard truck. Companies use them to move semitrailers to and from docks for loading and unloading.

In the beginning, you may not have had much need for a terminal tractor. Now, however, growth across the logistics industry may make a terminal tractor invaluable for your operation.

If you frequently experience a high value of deliveries with drivers waiting to unload, you may need a terminal tractor. You may also need a terminal tractor if you find that you’re frequently using a semi-truck to move trailers on-site.

You may also find it advantageous to rent or purchase a terminal tractor if you’re hiring a contractor to move containers around your facility. Container companies with multiple locations can also benefit from using terminal tractors to move goods from building to building. Manufacturers make today’s generation of terminal tractors for a high-demand work environment.

Changes in Logistics on the Horizon

There are many reasons why the container industry has proven difficult over the years. For example, some operators let what customers perceive as value to dictate their prices. Others neglect to include charges for extra services that consumers will gladly pay.

In other areas, operators may consider fuel costs as a part of doing business. However, there are opportunities for improvement in purchasing as well as the use of fuel.

Also, some container companies are overlooking distribution. They’re completely ignoring powerful algorithms that can help them make better decisions about their networks.

Bit by bit, you can make improvements that will boost the efficiency and profits of your operation. You can reverse the trend of losses and start to see revenue once again.

To realize these benefits, however, you must be prepared for change. For around the last 70 years, change has proven uncommon in the container shipping industry.

Things are only going to get tougher. Now, companies must keep up with a demand that has exploded seemingly overnight.

It’s time to rethink the way that you do business. By renting a terminal tractor, you can improve the efficiency of your operation greatly.

Terminal Tractor Buying on the Uptake

Among container companies, terminal tractor buying is on the rise. Diesel terminal tractors generated the largest market share in 2019. Compared to other equipment, they deliver more power and use less fuel.

There are electrical options. However, the infrastructure to support electric-powered heavy equipment is still undeveloped. Accordingly, an overwhelming majority of container shipping operations continue to use diesel fuel-powered vehicles.

For now, diesel fuel equipment is meeting the needs of container companies and other firms that make use of terminal tractors. Manufacturers have done a good job of complying with EPA regulations. Because of government regulations, terminal tractor manufacturers have had a strong incentive to create fuel-efficient equipment with lower emissions.

They’re also making their equipment easier to operate. For example, the Hoist T series now comes with an improved ergonomic cabin.

Hoist tractor drivers no longer have to strain to reach important controls. Now, they can reach terminal tractor controls without having to strain behind them.

Also, today’s terminal tractors ride better. Operators no longer have to deal with a rough ride to take advantage of this machinery. Now, workers spend their day driving on Sears Air Ride cloth seats.

The hoist terminal tractor also features Hendrickson AirTek suspension. The suspension absorbs vibrations and reduces operator fatigue. The smoother ride results in greater productivity.

Sizing up the Market: Choosing a Terminal Tractor

The purchase of a terminal tractor is not in everyone’s budget. If this is the case for your operation, no worries. Renting is an affordable option that can give you access to the equipment without having to buy.

You can rent a terminal tractor to supplement your fleet during business peaks. Alternatively, you can rent one to handle a large job. Terminal tractor rental can prove more practical and cost-effective compared to buying.

There are a few things that container operators should consider before renting or buying a terminal tractor. For example, you should consider the weight capacity of the equipment. Does it align with your needs?

You must also think about your budget. Terminal tractor rental is more cost-effective compared to buying.

However, the cost of a rental can add up over time. If it cost more to rent than buy, it may make more sense to find a terminal tractor for sale rather than rent it.

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