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Large Forklifts For Sale In Houston

With over 40 years of experience in the lift truck industry, we know how to best fit your forklift needs. 

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Forklifts, Forklift Parts, and Services – We’ve Got What You Need​

New and Used Forklifts for Sale

We offer a wide range of new and used brand-name forklifts so you can find exactly what you’re looking for in our inventory. The majority of our inventory consists of used forklifts for sale in Houston, TX, because we believe in saving our customers money, and know that a used forklift can get the job done just as well as a new one. We also carry several forklift brands that we know to be the best in the business. 

Take a look at our diverse forklift inventory.

Rent or Lease Forklifts in Houston

Have a job that needs to be done but aren’t ready to commit to purchasing a forklift? Looking to buy a forklift, but want to try out a few different options? We offer forklift rentals and leases for your convenience. These proven performers will give you all of the bang for less of the buck. Give us a call to learn more about our forklifts for rent.

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Forklift Parts

Need a forklift replacement part? We offer a wide range of forklift parts including Hyster forklift parts, Caterpillar forklift parts, Toyota forklift parts, and used forklift parts. All of our forklift parts are of the highest quality, closely examined, and are priced fairly.

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Forklift Services

At Large Lift Trucks, we have trained and qualified mechanics standing by to help you service your forklift whenever you may need repairs. Our mechanics are knowledgeable and experienced, with the majority of our team having over 25 years of experience with heavy equipment, lift trucks, or forklift repairs and services. Our team can service forklifts weighing between 1,500 pounds and 100,000 pounds. We service gas, liquid petroleum, diesel, and electric forklifts. If you need forklift repair, our mechanics have got your back!

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What Makes Large Lift Trucks Different?​

Diverse Inventory

At Large Lift Trucks, we understand that you need options. Whether you are looking to purchase a forklift or just need a forklift rental in Houston, we have your back. We offer both new and used forklifts for sale, and have all of the best forklift brands in our inventory in Houston. The types of forklift brands we offer include the following: Hoist, Hyster, Taylor, Toyota, Yale, Nissan, Clark, Caterpillar, and more. Whatever brand you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered with the best in the industry!

Work With Industry Experts

Large Lift Trucks has over 40 years of experience in the forklift industry, and our employees are made up of the best of the best. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you’re working with a team that knows the ins and outs of this industry. You will always be working with a staff that has immense expertise and experience, as well as a high level of integrity and motivation to help you with your forklift needs.

Wide Range of Repair Services

We do a lot more than sell used and new forklifts. Large Lift Trucks also provides in-depth repair services for all types of forklifts. Our repair services include the following: preventative maintenance, emergency forklift repair, hydraulic pump repair, control valve replacements or rebuilds, fork repair and maintenance, and much more. We also provide safety checks and surveys for your lift truck. Your safety is important to us.

Financing Options

Let’s face it. Forklifts are an investment, and even with our competitive pricing, they can still be expensive. This is why we offer financing for all of our new and used forklifts. If you are interested in financing a forklift, fill out the finance application on our website, which is completely safe and confidential. We want to help you purchase the forklift you need.

Locally Owned and Operated

Large Lift Trucks is based in Houston, TX and we love the Houston community — which is why we’ve been serving it for so long. If you are looking for forklift sales in Houston, we have you covered. We have developed great professional relationships with our customers in the area and look forward to continuing working with locals for years to come. While we are locally owned and operated and provide services in Houston, we also can ship forklift parts all over the world, so people everywhere can enjoy our high-quality forklift parts.

Four Decades of Experience

When it comes to forklift sales, services, and repairs, it’s vital to work with experts that have a lot of experience in the industry. We have four decades of experience in lift trucks, so we can quickly find solutions for you and diagnose any problems you may be having with your lift truck. We know exactly what it takes to meet your forklift needs quickly and efficiently. 

Competitive Prices

Newer doesn’t always mean better. At Large Lift Trucks, we know that forklifts are not cheap, which is why we strive to offer the best collection of reliable, used forklifts for sale in Houston. These proven performers come from some of the best brands in the game, but at a reduced price. We believe that many used forklifts can offer you the same quality as a brand new forklift. With our longevity in the industry, we understand the importance of fair pricing, so you can be rest assured that you will never be overcharged for services, repairs, or the sale of a used forklift. 

High-Quality Equipment

We only offer the very best brands and we ensure that all of our used forklift and forklift parts are in great working condition before adding them to our inventory. We examine each of our forklifts, new and used, with a close eye for detail. You have our guarantee that you’ll receive the very best forklift products from us.

Efficient Customer Service

When it comes to forklift sales or service requests, we never want to keep you waiting. We will get back to you as soon as possible when you contact us regarding any of our products or services. And if you have any issues with your forklift products, we will work diligently to resolve the problem in a timely manner.

What Makes Large Lift Trucks Different?

We know what it takes to find the perfect forklift for your needs. We also have the best mechanics in the industry to repair and provide maintenance for your forklifts in a timely manner.

Ready To Get Started?​

We’re your one-stop-shop for your forklift needs. Whether you want to buy a new or used forklift, rent or lease one, need repairs or services, or need forklift parts, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our services and forklift inventory.

Service First with Honesty and Integrity


New & Used Forklifts for Sale and Forklift Rentals
Houston Texas

New and used forklift for sale in Houston and shipping nationwide in stock now. Explore and buy extensive listing of different kind of used forklifts for sale in Houston Texas at Large Lift Trucks. Brand specialties including Caterpillar, Hyster, Taylor, Hyundai among others. Looking for new forklifts for sale? Contact us, we are a proud Hoist dealer for new forklifts for sale.

Specializing in 3,000 to 125,000 lb Capacity Diesel, Gas, LPG, & Electric

Includes the Popular Brands of:

Hoist™ • Hyster™ • Taylor™ • Toyota™ • Yale™ • Nissan™ • Clark™ • Caterpillar™ • and more.

Need a forklift for rent in Houston or the surrounding area?

There are many types of forklifts available for rent or long term lease, and each of the forklift types serves a specific requirement on the job. Selecting the appropriate lift truck rental can make an impact difference in how efficient and productive your company operates. With many factors to consider before buying or leasing a used lift truck, check different types of forklifts pictures, cost, review the forklifts types below to see what types of forklifts fit your needs.

Looking for forklift parts?

Looking for and purchasing unique parts for a forklift you own can cause you to have a big headache. Our facility Large Lift Trucks is here to help end all of your suffering. We have a huge selection of parts for your forklift at unbeatable prices. Our inventory list is always updated so you can find what ever part you need for your forklift. We have parts experts who are certified and they are trained we believe in giving you new parts, and used parts we even have rebuilt parts. We’re keeping your cost low and your forklift equipment working in great condition.

Need forklift repair in Houston area?

Our factory trained technicians have over 100 years of combined experience and are fully insured. If you need forklift service in Houston Texas, we’re trained and ready to help with your forklift repair needs? Whether it’s a service breakdown, preventative maintenance or a major forklift repair, Large Lift Trucks can take care of your lift truck repair right away. Our trained and qualified mechanics have fast response we thrive on getting your lift truck up and going immediately.

We build relationships with our customers and strive to meet their expectations.   We sell all makes and models, with used prices far below the MSRP—30% to 40% less then dealer prices.

We also do heavy equipment glass repair for – Forklifts, Dirt Equipment, Cranes

Call us for your glass repair needs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When handling materials, a forklift is an instrumental tool for lifting and transporting materials across a short distance, such as a warehouse. Typically, many of these materials are too heavy to transport with manpower alone, and attempting to carry or lift them into a truck for transport can lead to injuries for you and your employees. A forklift does the heavy lifting for you, making material transport efficient.

There are seven classes of forklifts: electric motor rider trucks, electric motor narrow aisle trucks, electric motor hand or hand-rider trucks, internal combustion engine trucks (pneumatic tires), internal combustion engine trucks (cushion tires), electric and internal combustion engine tractors, and rough terrain forklift trucks. To learn more about the different classes of forklifts, call the experts at Large Lift Trucks at (866) 918-3372.

Every job is unique, and you need to be sure that your forklift is the right fit for you or your employees. At Large Lift Trucks, we are here to help you find the perfect forklift for whatever your needs. Call us today at (866) 918-3372.

Just like any piece of equipment, a forklift is an investment. Prices range across the board, but you can get a reliable forklift for cheaper should you choose to purchase a used forklift. At Large Lift Trucks, we offer both new and used forklifts for sale and forklift rentals. Call us at (866) 918-3372 to find the perfect forklift to fit your needs and budget.

In the United States, in order to operate a forklift, you need a valid driver’s license and a forklift operating license. This is important because it ensures both your safety and the safety of those around you.

While many people think of forklifts mainly being used in places like warehouses, forklifts can be essential tools on a job site. In this situation, off-road forklifts can be used, which are specifically designed for rough, uneven terrain. However, it is important to be careful in these situations, as uneven ground can make it more likely for the forklift to tip over.